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Brent has created a diversified business portfolio in the endurance sport industry over the past 15 years. Like many business professionals Brent found triathlon while working in the corporate world back in 1994. Triathlon provided him with a healthy new set of goals that allowed him to create a more holistic balance in his life. In 1997 Brent walked away from the corporate scene to create a business that fit into this active life style.

I became a regular on a nationally syndicated radio show in Charlotte, NC in 1998. The show basically had me talk about all the wild endurance sports I was competing in and organized interviews with top iconic athletes in our sport. This opened the door for me to create a niche in race announcing, TV, webcast, and PR.

Brent created Participate in Life multi-sport marketing and endurance sport coaching in 1999 based in Charlotte, NC. In 2002 he was brought out to California by a large triathlon event management company to develop and create several parts of their existing business as well as to create several new business models. Brent held a USA Triathlon expert level coaching certification from 2000-2010 (coaching since 1997) and has directed over 100+ USAT Sanctioned Triathlon and Open water swim camps/clinics. Brent race announces and provides consulting services in this industry in central/ northern California and Hawaii. Brent has raced in all types of endurance sports over the years including Ironman triathlons, ultra-marathons, off-road triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, adventure racing, and ocean sports (Surf-Stand Up Paddle and Prone paddling)."Variety is the spice of life".

Brent and his wife Kelley reside in Carmel-by-sea, California. You can usually find Brent in one of 3 places, either working at an event in endurance sports, traveling with Kelley or in the ocean surfing or paddling.

My current reintroduction into race announcing/commentating:

After a trip around the world in 2008 Brent decided to open the door to doing some announcing work as an independent contractor (prompted by his wife Kelley). I really didn't know if this was something I wanted to do, but every once and a while I would fill in or work with friends (announcers) at events in and out of California. After managing race announcing, webcast, TV, PR, Media, pro-liaison, conducting training camps/clinics etc. at major endurance events from 2002-2006 I was kind of burned out on the event scene.

In 2010 I started to realize how much I enjoyed just race announcing/commentating, which is part of what I was doing business wise from 1999-2001 in North Carolina/California/Hawaii. In a couple of years (2009-2010) I went from a few events to 25-30 events. One of the inherent problems of doing this type of work is getting scheduled up and new opportunities are blocked because of existing clients (events/dates). The other block of my time goes into consulting and promotional work in the lifestyle sports industry.

What makes me different?

  • I have competed in endurance events since 1994 and purposely trained for and done many different types as a way to learn through doing process. I have an intimate knowledge of what athletes are experiencing at events.
  • The KEY elements I provide are information to reduce anxiety for the athletes on race day, inform/educate the crowd on the specific sport. Entertain all involved through commentary, interviews, great music choices, and recognize the athletes, sponsors, and local community. *inform*educate*entertain.
  • I have coached in endurance sport since 1997 (individuals, camps clinics, and currently some USAT junior elite camps).
  • Real world experience having managed major aspects and announced at some of the biggest events in endurance sports. This has allowed me to have a HIGH level of knowledge regarding details and deadlines.
  • I have 15 years experience working with professional, elite and Olympic level athletes. Having worked as a Professional liaison for major endurance events, helped athletes at our Olympic training centers and provided individual consulting for elite athletes.
  • Prior to building my work in sport I worked in the corporate world and law enforcement. What's funny is the high level training and experience from these professional environments really parlayed well into being a very effective speaker (announcing/commentating/TV etc.).
  • Voice * you either have a voice that plays well to listeners or you don't. I would like to think my humor is somehow linked to one of my relatives Will Rodgers. Yes I have an accent that is fading some (Oklahoma/North Carolina). I have lived in 2 locations in California Palos Verdes (1965-1971) Carmel by the sea 2002-present.
  • I have gained experience and knowledge over the years from other related work purposely done to learn more about my new professional life: Life Guard at Mecklenburg Aquatic Center, Manager Bicycles South, and Ocean Rescue Training with the California State Lifeguard program. Red Cross Life Guard certifications â€"CPR-First Aid (NC, CA).
  • I am very grateful to get the opportunity to make a positive impact with announcing etc. Making people feel good about their accomplishment, promoting a healthy life style and in general being stoked on life.
  • If you would like to get in touch with me regarding; email

I can also be found on Face Book. Most all of my work is by reference from event companies and other race announcers.

I have always believed to be an effective speaker/commentator/consultant you need to have practical experience , otherwise you will NEVER truly understand the people you are speaking to and speaking on.
  • Road Bike endurance event:
    • The Assault on Mt. Mitchell 102 miles (considered one of the toughest single day road cycling events in the US).SC/NC
    • Bicycle South Shop ride Charlotte, NC –Myrtle Beach ,SC 180 miles.
  • Mountain Bike events:
    • xThe Scott Tinley extreme 24 MTB race.CA
    • Xterra MTB race. VA
  • Off-Road Triathlon:
    • Xterra World Championship Maui. HI
    • Xterra Richmond. VA
  • Ultra-Running:
    • Crowder's Mountain 50KM Trail Run. NC
    • Lancaster Canal 50KM Trail Run. SC
    • The JFK 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon. MD
  • Ironman Triathlons:
    • Ironman Canada.
    • The Vineman Ironman. CA
  • Adventure Racing:
    • CAT adventure race camp Estes Park, CO. 24 hour race with course elevation lo 7,500ft hi 10,000ft.
  • Stand Up Paddle/Prone paddleboard Ocean racing:
    • The Jay Moriarity Memorial paddleboard race 2 mile prone -12 mile SUP. CA
    • Pier to Pier Prone Paddleboard 5 mile. CA
    • Dolphin Paddle board race 9 mile SUP. CA
    • Molokai2Oahu 32 mile paddleboard world championship (3 man relay 14ft SUP)HI
    • Distance SUP paddles Monterey Peninsula & Lake Tahoe. CA
  • Endurance Sport Coaching NC/CA
    • Individual coaching athletes to 30 Ironman & Half Ironman triathlon finishes. 100% success all athletes, including spots to the Hawaiian IM world Championship.NC
    • Team in Training Triathlon.NC
    • Created /developed /managed/coached over 100 USA Triathlon certified camps/clinics and other in multisport and open-water swimming.
    • USA Triathlon certified coach level 1 / level 2 (expert) 10 years.
    • Consulting USAT Elite and Junior elite development training. Chula Vista, CA Olympic Training Center and Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center (and other).
    • Red Cross Certified Lifeguard ,CPR ,and First Aid.NC/CA
    • California State Lifeguard training Monterey-Huntington Beach, CA.
    • WPA/Paddle fit Pro certified Stand Up Paddle Instructor. CA
  • Professional Triathletes/Olympians/and other elite athletes:
    • Pro-Liaison for Major Multi-Sport events California. Working with over 1,500 elite triathletes.
    • Direct individual endurance sport athlete representation and consultation. NC/CA

Event Resume

Race Announcing/Commentating/Emcee (some events included managing the announcing, pr, and media, pro-liaison*pro-series, webcast, TV, other):

  • Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim (San Francisco) new 2012
  • The Giant 5 mile and 5km (San Jose Municipal Stadium home of the Minor League San jose Giants) new 2012
  • The Half Moon Bay International Marathon â€" Half Marathon (10km-5km) new 2012
  • The Ranch Romp Mud Run and Obstacle Course â€" Hollister, CA new 2012
  • The John Boy & Billy Big Show (nationally syndicated radio program) 1998-2000 *it sounds crazy, but they had me on the show regarding racing at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 1998. Then was on regularly to talk about all the crazy endurance events I was racing and coordinate interviews with iconic figures in endurance sports. I owe them allot and learned allot...
  • ITU World Championships for Duathlon (NC) 1999
  • Ironman World Championship (Hawaii) Assist Announcer Whit Raymond 1999 & 2002
  • The Latta Plantation Triathlon (NC) 2000
  • The Wildflower Triathlon Festival (One of the largest triathlon/festivals in the world) 2002-2006
  • The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon*IMG (2001-2006)
  • The Triathlon at Pacific Grove 2001-2005
  • Xterra (MTB Triathlon) USA Championship Lake Tahoe 2001
  • Scott Tinley Adventures Mountain bike Triathlon etc. 1999 *2002-2005 (NC, CA)
  • The Treasure Island Triathlon (current name The San Francisco Triathlon @ Treasure Island) (2001-2005) included ITU USA Pro-Championship 1 year.
  • The Alcatraz Challenge (swim/run or swim) (2006-2007)
  • Bike Magazine Industry Awards (Sea Otter Classic â€"Monterey, CA) 2007
  • The Big Sur ½ Marathon (Monterey, CA) 2003-2004* 2009-present
  • The Big Sur International Marathon 2009-present
  • The Big Sur Mud Run 2009-present
  • Muddy Buddy *ride & run series obstacle course* 2009-2010 (CA, AZ, TX)
  • *The Mayors Run (Gavin Newsome) San Francisco AT&T Park â€"Finish in Candlestick Park 2007
  • The Oakland Running Festival (Marathon*Half Marathon) 2010-present
  • The Santa Cruz Half Marathon 2010-present
  • The Jungle Run Half Marathon (Los Gatos, CA) 2010-present
  • The Modesto Midnight Half Marathon 2010
  • The Xterra USA Trail Running Championship Bend, OR 2010
  • The Big Kahuna Long Course Triathlon (Santa Cruz, CA) 2007* 2009-Present
  • The Big Kahuna Ocean Challenge (Santa Cruz, CA) 2010
  • The Silicon Valley Triathlon (San Jose) 2010
  • The Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon (2010)
  • The Metro Triathlon (San Jose) 2011-present
  • The Reservoir Triathlon (Morgan Hill, CA) 2010-present
  • The Tri-for fun triathlon series and Tri-for-Real Triathlon (Pleasanton, CA) 2007*2010-2011
  • The Lake Tahoe Marathon (lots of distances of runs) 2010-present
  • The Maui Ocean Front Marathon (Maui, HI) 2011-present
  • City of San Ramon *Run San Ramon 4th of July run *Bah Humbug 5km December 2010-present
  • The Surftech Jay Moriarity memorial paddleboard race (Santa Cruz, CA) 2010-Present
  • The Quicksilver Tahoe-Nalu Paddle Board Race weekend (Lake Tahoe) 2010
  • The Covewater Classic paddleboard race (Capitola, CA) 2011
  • The Surftech SUP shoot-out (steamer lane) and Dual-athlon Paddle run (Santa Cruz, CA) 2011-present
  • The Morgan Hill Marathon & Half Marathon (Morgan Hill, CA) 2010-Present
  • Xterra (Mountain Bike Triathlon and trail runs) Lake Tahoe 2011-present
  • Lake Tahoe Triathlon *New 2012
  • San Francisco Giants ½ Marathon (AT&T Park) *New 2012
  • Primo's Run for Education ½ Marathon San Ramon, CA *New 2012

Note: I purposely have created more of a regional niche in central/northern California and Hawaii for race announcing/commentating. It blends well with my consulting/promotional work and travel. I am always happy to speak with event companies in other locations. If the price is right" will travel".

Fee Base: My fees are based on several different criteria. Travel cost, location, event type, size of event (how many participants), preparation *information/consult time prior to event, hours on site announcing, the amount of days (such as a multi-day festival). Etc. Minimum fee is $500 (small event close to Carmel).

What I do and don't provide: (Do) my expertise announcing/commentating / entertainment, music appropriate for the event (loaded in an IPod played on sound system). (Don't) Sound equipment (most event companies have their own/rent equipment or hire a professional sound company) The Timing Company events hire have all the data/laptops and information that the announcers use through-out events â€"especially when athletes cross the finish line. South Valley Endurance has the current cutting edge timing equipment and several levels different types of information that can be provided.

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